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Why do flowers appeal so strongly to our sensorial selves? And what is lost and what is gained when the image of a flower is made? My photographs seek to answer these questions while, at the same time, conveying my own intense feelings for the flower’s lush materiality, the extreme fragility of its existence and its continuing significance as a symbol of femininity in contemporary visual culture.


I am particularly drawn to the elegant and robust beauty of the Peony and to the great abundance of tree blossoms––The Cherry blossom is almost overwhelming, too much beauty to take in, every single bloom has enough beauty in its singularity- yet they all make each other that much more beautiful when living together on the branches.


In this recent work, blooms are cut free from their traditional setting in the landscape and photographed in the controlled light of the studio where I can better explore their potential for movement, emotionality and structural complexity. As with my portrait and commercial photography, I always work from a desire to get closer, to seek the source of my subject’s beauty. This truth is often interior and impossible to capture, but the seeking is what my work relies on. The seeking is what defines my artistic practice.